Calgary Go Club meetings resume August 29, 2021

Well, it's been a long time but we are now cleared to resume regular Go Club meetings!

Meetings shall resume at the Calgary Central Library, 12-5pm Sundays. The first day back is August 29th, 2021.

All attendees are encouraged to get their COVID vaccines, to protect themselves and everyone else. The pandemic hasn't gone away, but the more of us that are vaccinated, the safer we'll all be.

And of course, not everyone will be comfortable having social gatherings at this point in time. Only consider attending if you feel comfortable with it!

COVID-19 Update, meetings still suspended

Hopefully everyone's staying safe! The province will be opening up for Stage 2 relaunch this Friday, which means the library will be open.

However, we still need to be practicing physical distancing, which means Go Club is still not happening. Online play is still your best option.

Meetings suspended due to COVID-19

Go club meetings shall be suspended until further notice, starting with our upcoming meeting on March 15.

Please watch this space for updates, as the coronavirus situation is always changing.

But it is important to curb the spread of the disease to protect the whole community. As much as we love to play, safety must come first. So everyone, please take care of yourselves, and we will resume normal play when it is appropriate to do so.

EDIT: And now the libraries are closed too, so we couldn't meet even if we wanted to. Play online for now! Once the libraries reopen, look here for updates.